The Best Centurions in Ultimate Team According to FIFA 23

When the recent announcement of the Centurions event came out, it was just another example of the never-ending ideas that EA Sports comes up with to keep their FUT mode interesting

When the recent announcement of the Centurions event came out, it was just another example of the never-ending ideas that EA Sports comes up with to keep their FUT mode interesting. Centurions cards are a way to celebrate a player's milestone achievements in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. These achievements can include scoring 100 goals or making 100 appearances for their national team or club. The Centurions card packs contain a number of players who have the highest ratings that any footballer has ever received in the history of the FIFA series. As a direct consequence of this, certain versions of these cards are fetching prices on the transfer market that are greater than 4 million coins. The vast majority of players, on the other hand, are looking for cards that provide a high level of performance on the field without completely depleting a stash of coins, regardless of where those coins came from. If there is no other choice, it is fortunate that not all Centurions command an exorbitant price on the transfer market. There are cards available for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards, all of whom have ratings that can assist players in distinguishing themselves from the rest of the field in the extremely competitive FIFA 23 FUT mode.
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The following Centurions cards not only celebrate milestones in a football player's career but also have the potential to guide a FIFA 23 player to historic victories over the very best Ultimate Team competitors.

The Centurions card that Stuani has in FIFA 23 has a shooting rating of 90, and he is even more effective at finishing set pieces, earning a grade of 99 in that category. The fact that Stuani has a 92 physical rating reflects both his reputation as a rough striker and his status as one of the most effective players in FIFA Ultimate Team in terms of provoking other players. The Uruguay striker's card provides a unique opportunity to acquire a high-quality scorer at a cost that is significantly lower than that of other Centurions.

The Best Centurions in Ultimate Team According to FIFA 23

The C. D. M. Maximilian Arnold
A defensive midfielder is the glue that holds together a defense and attack, and the position demands versatility. Defensive midfielders are often one of the most overlooked positions in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Arnold is a defensive midfielder, but he possesses an offensive game that is surprisingly potent, with a shot power of 94 and the ability to finish from a long distance. Arnold has an extremely limited number of weaknesses in his game, and he is also very good at both intercepting passes and passing with accuracy. Arnold has some of the most well-rounded ratings of any player in FIFA 23, and he is able to serve as the backbone of the best midfields in FUT. Although Alba is not the most physically imposing defender, he should be appealing to FIFA FUT players who are looking for a dynamic left back who can create offensive chances with his pace.

Because of Jordi Alba's speed and his ability to pass the ball, his Centurions card frequently sells for more than 130,000 coins on the transfer market. This is a significant financial investment. Despite this, he is a pain in the neck for the opposing teams to deal with and is considered to be one of the best defenders in ultimate team.

Jamie Vardy ST
It is difficult to picture Jamie Vardy, who is now 36 years old and has played for Leicester City for 10 seasons, playing for another club because the fans at Leicester City adore him so much.

Jamie Vardy is a dependable striker who excels in counterattacks. His FIFA Fut Centurions card has 90 ratings for both shooting and pace, and he has those ratings because he is a fast player. At an auction price of approximately 75,000 coins, Vardy is easily startable for any FIFA Ultimate Team that is looking for a highly reliable striker. Verratti, who joined Paris Saint-Germain when he was somewhere around 20 years old, has fortunately demonstrated that he is one of the most creative players in the world since making that move.

Although the central midfielder is not known for his goal-scoring ability, his value to FIFA 23 FUT teams that have strikers with sufficient ability is virtually uncapped. The inventiveness of Verratti commands a high price, as evidenced by the fact that some auctions for his Centurions card reached a final bid of more than 700,000 coins.

Wojciech Szczesny GK
Anyone who is bold enough to put together an all-Centurions team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team needs a goalkeeper who has the ability to secure wins by blocking shots. Wojciech Szczesny has the best ratings for a Centurion goalkeeper in FIFA Ultimate Team, despite the fact that earlier in his career he struggled with inconsistent form while playing for Arsenal. Although he is one of the most expensive players at his position in FIFA Ultimate Team, the Polish backstop is only worth about 50,000 credits. Despite this, he is one of the best players in the game. His Centurions card, which sells for nearly 4 million coins, is certainly not an exception to this rule.

Not only does Zlatan Ibrahimovic have a good record of converting regular scoring opportunities and penalty kicks, but the combination of his height and strength also makes him one of the most effective players in Ultimate Team at turning headers into goals. Scores of 90 or higher can be found across the board for pace, shooting, and physicality on Ibrahimovic's Centurions card ratings.

Trent Alexander-Arnold RB
Trent Alexander-Arnold, who is 24 years old, is surrounded by other FIFA FUT Centurions who are, for the most part, older than he is. Despite this, the English defender's age has never been a barrier for him to achieve success on an international level.

Despite the fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold possesses elite athletic ability and pace, he is also a competent defender who can protect his goal when opposing attackers pose a threat. Because he is one of the best ultimate team defenders at crosses, FIFA FUT players are always looking for ways to include Alexander-Arnold in their offensive plays. Salah is one of the most explosive forwards in the world, with the ability to create chances and finish goals with flair. He is also one of the best players in the world.

As the player with the highest overall rating in the entirety of the FIFA 23 Centurions, Salah holds the title. When one examines the player card of Mohamed Salah in greater detail, one sees that the forward has ratings of 90 or higher for pace, shooting, and dribbling, with passing ability not far behind.5 million coins.

Neymar Jr. is still just 31 years old at this point. amazed his audience with technical prowess that far exceeded his years.

Neymar Jr.'s FIFA 23 ratings for dribbling are only matched by his ice-cold demeanor during penalty kicks. In his 91-rated Centurions card, Neymar Jr. is classified as an attacking midfielder. Neymar Jr. demonstrates effortless pace around the pitch. 


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