POE Season 11 Changes Explained Including Those Made to the Thriller and Mist Seasons

When a new season starts, there is a wonderful opportunity to start over using the new guidelines that have been established, and this opportunity presents itself whenever a new season begins

When a new season starts, there is a wonderful opportunity to start over using the new guidelines that have been established, and this opportunity presents itself whenever a new season begins. The moment you put your hands on it, the world around you will start to disintegrate into a delirious haze that is made up of terrifying nightmares. The further you travel into the Fog of Fright, the more dangerous the surrounding environment will become; however, the potential rewards will also increase. This is a new jewel that can only be obtained through the gameplay of Thrilling Mist and can only be added to the talent tree's outer ring in order for it to function properly. Thrilling Mist is the only game in path of exile currency which this particular jewel can be obtained. Cluster jewels, like other items in Path of Exile, can have their attributes changed by crafting affixes in the same way that other items can. This is because cluster jewels are similar to other items in Path of Exile.


You might also obtain Mist Nightmares Orbs from high-level Thrilling Mist encounters if you're lucky.


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During the time that the Mist of Fright Challenge Season is active, you will have access to a variety of different challenges. You can also add custom affixes to the game and create private seasons if you want to make it more challenging for yourself. There are a total of forty brand new challenges available to complete during the New Challenges Season. Once you have completed each of the 36 challenges, the Wings of the Thrilling Mist back ornament will become available in your inventory.


Key updates
The brand-new intelligence skill stone known as the Arcane Cloak can now be acquired:You have a limited amount of mana, so you must use some of it up, gain a buff, and reduce the damage that your hits do by a specific percentage before your mana runs out.During the time that this buff is active, you will receive an increased amount of lightning damage that is proportional to the amount of mana that is consumed by the skill buff.The cooldown for this ability, along with that of other defensive abilities, is shared.


The Thunder Bound Pattern is the name given to a brand new variety of wisdom skill stone that has recently been introduced:It is possible to increase the power of an enchantment that you have cast using runes and that you have placed on the ground by singing over it. The rune that is currently lying dormant on the ground will trigger cheap poe orbs an explosion as soon as the rune that has been burst is liberated.


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There is now a stone for the intelligence skill known as Telekinetic Arrow that was added. A new agility skill stone called Sword Flurry has been added to the game.


Spell Slayer is the name of the fresh path of exile currency Wisdom Skill Stone that has recently become available. When this stone is activated, it stores mana for each connected spell, and when the wand attack is complete, it activates those spells. The new wisdom support gem that has been added bears the name Archmage (Support), and its stats are as follows:In addition, the new mana cost is taken into account when determining the amount of lightning damage that is added to support skills. Cluster Jewels is the name given to the new category that has been introduced in the world of jewelry. This new jewel can be placed in the outer ring of the talent tree, which will result in more talent options becoming accessible to the player. You can only obtain this item by purchasing the Thrilling Mist expansion, which is available in three different flavor varieties. Jewels that have a Medium Cluster have the ability to have Small Jewel Slots added to them so that they can accommodate Jewels that have a Small Cluster. It is possible to configure the Cluster Jewels talents in the same way that regular talents are configured. In order to remove the jewelry from the talent tree, you will first have to wash the talents off of it. Only then will you be able to remove the jewelry.


Added Nightmare Simulacrum: In order for players to take part in this ultimate encounter, they will need to have gathered Nightmare Simulacrum shards from the fight against the Thrilling Mist. There are currently 16 new Legendary items that can be acquired, one of which was designed by members of the community of players. There are currently a total of eight brand-new Fate cards available, each of which was developed by a different member of the community.


The Mist Nightmare Orb is the name given to a brand new piece of currency that has recently been introduced. Despite the fact that each Fog Nightmare Orb contributes a unique type of bonus to the overall equation, the maximum number of orbs that can be used on a single map is five. This restriction applies even if the map in question is one with multiple difficulty levels. Many monsters that were unable to be spirited in the past are now capable of being spirited as a result of recent technological advancements. Incarnation gives many monsters the ability to use their normal special skills in addition to their melee attacks, which is a significant improvement over their previous state. We have been keeping a close eye out for any monsters that show signs of being affected by the Atlas of the Otherworld. -The Hall of Marshals currently has nine of its very own marshals, up from the previous total of seven. The visual style of Legion of Decay has been improved to have a more three-dimensional appearance. The visuals of every one of the following abilities have been brought up to date:Polar Breath, Corrosive Arrow, Frost Blade, Frost Nova, Lava Shield, Lava Strike, and Searing Ray are all abilities that this dragon possesses. 0. 

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