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Li Zhu also thought it was funny. He took out a silver ticket from his purse, put it on the table and pushed it over. "Ten thousand taels, is that enough?"

Li Zhu also thought it was funny. He took out a silver ticket from his purse, put it on the table and pushed it over. "Ten thousand taels, is that enough?" "Cough." The white-bearded old man coughed again, trying to maintain his dignity, and nodded calmly: "This money is not for me, but to wash away the sins you have committed." Yes, yes, yes. This NPC can hide his ears and steal the bell! Li Zhu felt more and more amused and urged, "So can we let him worship the teacher now?" "No!" The white-bearded old man's face stiffened again. "Your cultivation is not as good as his. Why should you accept him as an apprentice?" Li Zhu was stupefied and looked at the small eyes in a twinkling of an eye. "How many levels are you?" "It was level 25." Small-eyed and a little depressed: "But today you killed once, and killed three times by the five men..." That's level 21, one level above her! Without saying a word, Li Zhu took out a dagger and handed it over: "Commit suicide!" "I.." Small-eyed God complained bitterly: "Not really?" Li Zhu is very discontented: "Still want to let me continue to rise evil value?" That's right! Small eyes have God hesitated, level is not easy to practice, ah, there is no way to be killed, but let him kill himself, he is a little reluctant to start. You can choose by yourself, or don't take me as your teacher! Of course, I won't teach you how to operate it. Well, it's not a broken promise to avoid being entangled. It's killing two birds with one stone! Before he could reply,Stainless steel foundry, another voice with a little schadenfreude sounded outside the cave: "Look, I'll say she lied to you!"! Do you believe it this time? Li Zhu ignored the provocation of the lemongrass and only narrowed his eyes slightly, staring at the small eyes without saying a word. I I killed myself! Small eyes do not like to do things halfway, and he still does not believe in his bones that Li Zhu will deceive him, pick up the dagger and wipe his neck. Small eyes! Lemongrass exclaimed that it was too late to come up and stop him. Two pieces of equipment burst out of his small eyes and turned into a white light. You killed him! Lemongrass is extremely angry: "How can there be such a vicious woman as you in the world?"? Cheat his money and kill him! Don't you feel guilty? Guilt? Li Zhu thought it was a little funny. Was Lemongrass a Sailor Moon in a previous life? Where does such a strong sense of justice come from? Too lazy to answer, she picked up the equipment dropped by her little eyes and sat there waiting for the guy to climb the mountain again. Being ignored again and again made Lemongrass very angry. She pulled out her sword and stabbed Li Zhu: "I killed you to avenge him!" Li Zhu's reaction was naturally faster than hers, and he reached out and grabbed the teacup on the table to block the sword. "Ding, the teacup broke, and the strength of the lemongrass sword was exhausted." My teacup! "Ten taels of silver!" Cried the white-bearded old man in pain. Li Zhu did not have the habit of being a sucker. He smiled and said, "I'm just thirsty and want to drink tea. The cup was broken by her. You ask her for money." "Master!" Lemongrass knew that he was unlikely to win from Zhu, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, so he had to turn around and bring reinforcements. The named bamboo hat man took one look at Li Zhu and coughed awkwardly: "You'd better do it yourself.." "Why?!" Lemongrass simply forgot that the bamboo hat man had just met her, and that they didn't really have much friendship. They simply felt that the disciple had been wronged, and that the master should avenge her. The bamboo hat man smiled lazily and threw out an answer: "I'm afraid of her." "Afraid of her?" Lemongrass couldn't believe his ears. Would a top master be afraid of a novice whose level is not as high as that of a God with small eyes? It was the worst joke she'd heard all year. Yes The cynical smile on the bamboo hat man's face turned into thousands of feelings: "Who let me always beat her?" With a snort, Li Zhu turned his back and said, "I don't know you!" The bamboo hat man shook his head. "You can't hide it from me." Li Zhu gritted his teeth and said, "Get out!" "No." The situation is a bit strange, the bamboo hat man's voice sounds like acting like a spoiled child, and from Zhu pursed his mouth and no longer spoke, but his face became very ugly. The lemongrass on the sidelines was so surprised that his eyes were wide open, looking at this and that, completely confused about the situation. The only one in the cave who was still conscious was the NPC. He coughed twice and looked at the lemongrass with pleading eyes: "Nvxia, don't forget to pay for my teacup!" Predict the latest update time. If I don't go to bed, it will be updated in the early morning. If I go to bed, wait until I get up.. Basically at noon or in the afternoon.. Looking at the sky, it's not that I don't want to adjust the jet lag, but I can't adjust it forever. I adjusted it for a day and fell down again. Chapter 13 the task of apprenticeship. Lemongrass was so angry that she trembled all over and wanted to swear. She turned around and ran down the hill. She didn't want to see Li Zhu's annoying face any more. But the man in the bamboo hat was still here, and she wouldn't go with her. She hesitated a little, and didn't want to lose this rare opportunity to learn from her. The atmosphere in Luoxian Cave became very strange for a while, and no one spoke. After a while, the bamboo hat man took a step away from Zhu and hesitated to speak. At that moment, the small eyes rushed in from the outside like a whirlwind. So soon? Li Zhu was a little surprised and ignored the loss of the bamboo hat man. I I'm afraid you're in a hurry. Bought two dozen amulets. When he answered, he was a little out of breath. More obedient than a dog! Lemongrass disdained to give him a dirty look. It was Li Zhu who showed a little smile on his face. After returning to him the equipment that had been dropped after his death, he looked at the white-bearded old man and said, "Is it all right now?" Although Xiaoyan Youshen only lost one level when he died, Li Zhu was about to be upgraded, and he had more overall experience than him. This time, the white-bearded old man finally nodded his head, picked up a teacup again, filled it slowly, and pushed it in front of Xiaoyan Youshen: "Pass tea to your master and worship him." This game is really ancient style thoroughly, the so-called worship ceremony, is three kowtows to the ground, the general arrogant people can not accept, fortunately,die casting parts, small eyes have God not pay attention to backbone this kind of thing, very simply kowtowed three times to Li Zhu, completed the task of worship. autoparts-dx.com


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